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Ashe Background

Friday, June 19, 2009

Craft Day

Today we had a park day/craft day with our playgroup. It was only fitting that our craft be a gift for Dads because Sunday is Father's Day. Ethan made Eric a monkey puppet and a picture frame. Gracie wouldn't sit still, which I figured seeing how she is still to young, so we will just sign her name on them. Ethan had so much fun, you can tell he is my child because he loves anything that has to do with crafts. I love how he is the kind of kid that jumps into any activity and tries to make the most of it. His frame came out beautiful and so did his monkey.
I am sure Eric will love it.

Craft time!!!
Gracie puckering her lips

Awesome monkey

Of course, Gracie is always ready for a snack

Playing at the playground

Ethan showing off his craft. He glued it himself but I did help him spell Dad.

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