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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gracie in all her Glory

I was buttering some toast for Gracie and she says, "That looks so yummy, but not as yummy as you, because you are delicious!"  I couldn't stop laughing for at least 5 minutes and then said "WHAT?"

As I was driving one day, Gracie from the backseat says, "Mom, I know you said no more babies, but I really wish we could have another one that way Ethan and I won't have to fight over Lexie." She had the saddest face! 

Gracie is always talking about what she is going to do when she is a Mommy. She goes through the whole list of changing, feeding, bathing...etc. Eric told her that since she is always talking about babies, she should change her sisters diaper. Gracie replied with "Uh no, I change my own baby's diapers and you change your own baby's diapers. No switching!"

Anytime Gracie wants to get on her brother's good side she calls him 'my precious'. It is really funny when he is walking out of the school and Gracie runs up to him yelling " Hello my precious!" in her giggly voice.

Whenever Gracie ask for permission I sometimes give her a short nod and say "mmmmhhhmmm" under my breath. She always says, "Can you please say it correctly? Yes or No."

One night we told the kids that they were having a babysitter so we could go out.
Gracie: Why?
Eric: Because I am taking your Mom out on date.
Gracie: Oh, are you guys in love?
Eric: Yeah, we are.
Gracie: No kissing because that is yucky!

I was telling Lexie that she needed to hurry up and walk because she was getting too heavy and this CRAZY conversation took place:

Gracie: Why don't we steal another girl that knows how to walk that way you won't have to carry Lexie around all the time.
Mom: Because that is against the law Gracie, what if the police catch us?
Gracie: We will just tell him it was accident. They will believe us! (shrugging her shoulder)
Mom: First off kidnapping and lying are really bad, but what if that little girl misses her mommy?
Gracie: Duh, it will only be for two days. I think she will be fine! 

Needless to say, we had a long talk on stealing, lying and having compassion for other peoples feelings. Wow!

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