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Ashe Background

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

We joined some good friends of ours for a water-filled weekend at Great Wolf Lodge! The kids were super excited and have been counting down the days for some time now. We all couldn't wait for the fun to begin. We ate a ton of junk food, rode on a ton of rides, and enjoyed the company of great friends! Great Wolf Lodge never dissapoints! As we were packing up to go Miss Lexie had a seizure. She looked perfectly normal that morning, but as the morning progressed, her demeanor took a turn for the worse. Unlike her last seizure, she was coherent during this one. We ended our trip at the ER, but thankfully she has made a full recovery. By the end of that weekend we all were ready to get back home. That was enough excitement to last us for awhile.

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Kayla Brown said...

Despite the seizure, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit, especially that lil' Harry Potter ;) Hahaha, Ethan is so funny!