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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hoppy Easter!!

These pictures are from the Easter Eggstravaganza that was thrown two weeks ago by the squadron spouses. It was really cold and I thought the kids were going to say forget about it, but there's nothing like an egg hunt to keep them motivated.  However as soon as the egg hunt was over, we all were running for the car. Brrr!

Lucas, Ethan and Gracie

These pictures are from Easter Sunday! The kids were ecstatic which seems about right when you are the one that gets all the cool gifts.  Ethan even wrote the Easter Bunny a note and left carrots in his basket.  Of course Gracie wasn't going to be left out so she made sure her basket as well as Lexie's were stocked with carrots.  Eli decided to go against the basket tradition and relied on his good looks and charm. He was rewarded with an outfit and a pair of shoes!

Side note- I KNOW he needs a haircut. 
However, he is going with the trend of growing your hair out. 
It drives me nuts! Which I think motivates him even more.

Our bunny hand prints and carrot foot prints

Time for the hunt!!

Lexie can't stop kissing him! I literally have to drag her off of him sometimes. SO MUCH LOVE!

She had to model her new sunglasses!

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