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Ashe Background

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fort Ashe Day

A couple of weeks ago, Ethan mentioned that we haven't had a fort day in a very long time. I started thinking about it and he was correct. The last time was quite a long time ago. However, our spring break is this week and I couldn't think of a better way to start it off. Last night during our bedtime routine, I told them that I had a huge surprise for them. So this morning after I told them what were going to do today Ethan replies with, " I hope we have enough time to do all that." I assured him that we would have enough time and we were just going to have fun. After a really fast breakfast, they raced upstairs to put on their favorite costumes and hurried back down to begin the festivities. Lexie just hung out in her PJ's because costumes and crawling just don't do well together.

My favorite quotes of the day:
Ethan- "Mom made us invisible ice! She is like a magician or something"
Ethan-"Man, I love Spring Break!"
Gracie-"No farting or burping in the fort, Ethan"
Absolute favorite was from Ethan- "I can't wait to grow up and make forts with my kids" The growing up part isn't my favorite, but the part about him doing these activities with his children made me smile. Out of everything I do for them, I want them to remember that I did really try hard to give them a great childhood!

Caution: Picture Overload!!!!!

This was our fort!
Ethan put the snake on top to protect us and I have to say it was a fantastic addition.

This next picture is when we realized backing it up to couch made it a obstacle course.
Moved it two seconds later. Thanks Lexie for keeping me on my toes!

Gracie and Ethan making their Snack Necklaces

LinkHow does this calm and quiet scene above turn into this........

Lexie was having a blast!

Eating some fruit loops that she stole off of Ethan's necklace

Gracie wanted to rest every five minutes.

Here are the kiddos writing on some postcards to send to some of their friends.

Here they are looking at a map and were telling which people would probably receive their post cards first and which ones may get it last. This was a great way for the kiddos to learn about state abbreviations. They really enjoyed it.

Here is Lexie demonstrating the somersault!

This was after I told him to not eat his whole necklace in one sitting.

Here they are making Bird Feeders with cheerios and pipe cleaners

Lunch Time!!
Since it was a special day they choose pizza, cheez-its and oranges.
I am just glad they picked at least one healthy item.

These are the Magic Potion drinks that they were treated too.

This has to be one of my new favorite activities- Easter Egg Craft.
It was extremely easy and the end result was so cool!

Here they are at the beginning of the craft.
While our masterpieces were drying they made sure nothing went
to waste and had fun making a mess!

Are those not the coolest Easter Eggs you have ever seen?!!
Already hanging up on our wall!

We also enjoyed having a Nerf Aiming Competition.

Since we had the paint out, we got to do another Spring Project!

I have to say, It was a GREAT DAY!
I love hearing my kiddos laugh and enjoy being their age!

This video is dark and blurry because I took it with my camera,
but I think it shows their enthusiasm quite well.
Eric has just shown me how to manually focus it so we should be good from now on ;)

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