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Friday, March 23, 2012

Lexie's Favorites

I have been wanting to write a post for some time now on the certain products that have had an influence on Lexie's well being and development. I never know who is reading our little blog but if others can benefit from what we have learned then great!

Since day 1 Lexie has had reflux problems. The constant throwing up made the nights horrible for everyone. However, thanks to a little girl named Julie, we learned about the Nap Nanny. It was a lifesaver! I knew we hit jackpot on the first night when Lexie did not throw up and she slept through the night. It is pricey, but my sleep and the kids need for a stable parent is far more important. I bought and sold ours on Ebay. It was actually quite sad when Lexie outgrew the Nap Nanny but thankfully by that time she had pretty much outgrown the reflux issues.

I don't know what magical qualities this bouncer possess but Lexie loved it! It was the only toy that she would focus on and bat at the toys. Her OT would work with her on every toy under the sun but she would just look the other way and not reach for the toy. However, once placed in this bouncer she would focus and pounce on the hanging toys as if she were Muhammad Ali. I personally think the black background with the lights flashing made it easy for to focus thus reach. We kept that toy forever and didn't let it go by choice. We donated it to ECI so that maybe another special needs child could benefit from it.

These O' balls are the greatest! Lexie was given an O'ball with a rattle in it and that was the only toy she would activily reach for and bring it back to herself. She still plays with them to this day. They are available at Walmart.
This tummy time mat was a HUGE help when it came to Lexie's head control.
She hated it (non stop screaming) and had to work hard for it but I fully credit this for her head control.

These were great for pushing the use of a straw! Lexie didn't want to give up her bottle so I needed something that would transition us to the sippy cup and this was it. Plus straw sucking strengthens her cheek muscles which helps keep the drooling to a minimum.

Some days Lexie has no drool whatsoever and then some days she is drooling like crazy so I am in the middle of making her some bandit bibs. I was tired of how the bibs were making her look like a baby. Her delays already do that enough for her. Update photo when I am done.

This angled spoon is a must for Lexie! She does really well with it that I see no reason for change. We are still working on her feeding herself, but she would be missing her mouth if it was a regular spoon.

IPad! Need I say more? There are so many apps available that can make any kid happy but Lexie has a few of her favorites! I have to hold some of her fingers down to help her pointer finger stick out but she moves it entirely on her own.

These items went above and beyond, but she still certainly benefited from her Bumbo, ExerSaucer, Jumperoo (excellent way to strengthen leg muscles) and walker. I am sure I have forgotten a few, but if I remember I will update.

Lexie already had trunk control by the time I came across this but it sure would've been helpful and I know I would of used it in her ExerSaucer and in a swing. Hugga-Bebe

This is called a Tumzee and it helps with head, neck and arm control. I came across this after Lexie already had those mastered. Dang it!

Shopping for a special needs child can be quite difficult. Toys that are catered to their actual age sometimes do not fit their developmental age. Although, that doesn't mean younger toys are an automatic hit either. Textures, sounds, lights or whatever could easily turn a toy into a waste of money. I came across this and it is on my list for Lexie. It is a swing called Wingbo that Lexie can push herself while laying on her tummy. It is for all ages and even has a stationery set up for the younger babies that need to work on head control.

I think this is something Lexie would just love! She is CONSTANTLY on the move so I am sure this Kid's Safety Trampoline with Handle would be just the thing to satisfy her need for movement.

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