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Ashe Background

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break

Yesterday we joined our friends at a favorite restaurant of ours called Big'z for some good tasting burgers! This place has a HUGE play area where the kids can run, kick balls and roll down the hills (Gracie's favorite part). Today we went to a local theater to watch a play about Goldilocks and the Three Bears! The kids got to dance, sing and even contribute to the story line! Gracie and Ethan were laughing the whole time and are still discussing the silly things that Papa Bear did. Lexie ate the whole time but that was just to keep her occupied. Thankfully the play was only 45 minutes long so we didn't have any Lexie meltdowns.


Lexie showing Miss. Caryn that she is close to walking.

Some of the gals!
They are laughing because I told them to "Shut up and smile"
once I heard objections about getting their pictures taken!


Ethan is next to the girl in the purple hat.

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