Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fort Ashe

We decided that today was going to be Fort Ashe Day. Ethan and Gracie love building forts and do it at least once a day, but today I joined in the mix and we had a really great time. Even Ethan replied with "It is a great day to build a tent.....erh I mean fort". They both got into it and Lexie seemed to enjoy herself as well. We read books, used flashlights to make puppets, played Cowboys and Indians, and we even ate lunch in our fort.  My poor back and knees are aching, but it was worth it. Of course, what is pretend play with out dress-up?!

All done building our fort

Lexie in her dress-up

Playing with the flashlights

Gracie being sneaky and looking into the light.
Here is one where I caught her.

Ethan protecting us from the Indians

However, our Indian was more interested in lounging.

Keep looking, they are out there!

Lunch time
They were overjoyed when I told them they could eat in it.
Who knew eating on the floor would be so much fun.


Angel said...

You're a great mom and your kids are going to definitely remember times like this when they're older. You make me want to play with my kids more! =)

Caryn said...

I absolutely love this! I will have to do this with Max when he is older. These memories are priceless.