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Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Grandparents Visit

This last week Eric's Grandparents, Germ and Lapiz, came out for a visit. The kids always love having family visitors over and I especially think they really enjoy when Germ and Lapiz come to visit because they never seem to get tired. I do have to admit that they do an amazing job of keeping up with the kiddos and when they leave it doesn't look like they are so exhausted a bus has hit them. They really enjoy their time with them and just seem to have fun. While they were here, Eric and Lapiz did a phenomenal job landscaping our backyard and I will have to post pictures at another time to show off all of their hard work. Towards the end of their visit, the playgroup that we are apart of had an Easter Brunch on Saturday. We enjoyed some yummy food and the kids hunted Easter eggs. Unfortunately, by Saturday night it was their time to leave but it was a great week visiting with them and we can't wait till the next time.

Gracie having fun on her 4 wheeler.

Ethan learning the art of drifting.

Going for walk with Lapiz

Germ and Ethan making red chile together. Yummy!

Gracie, Lapiz, and Lexie watching cartoons.

Easter Brunch- Gracie looking innocent.

She was like turbo. Once I said they had candy, she went crazy.

The older kiddos had more of a challenge,, but it was so cool watching them.

Showing off their loot!

Lexie enjoying some Germ time.

Daddy's Girl

Playing with their friends

I don't know why it came out so grainy
but nonetheless it is still a great picture!

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