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Monday, March 01, 2010

2nd Birthday for Gracie

This weekend our little princess turned TWO years old. She absolutely loves Dora and that was her first pick when asked what she wanted the theme of her party to be. We invited some friends and neighbors for a fun filled afternoon. The kids enjoyed jumping in the jumping castle and hitting the pinata. Gracie loved every bit of it and showed her excitement by her inconsistent screaming. Eric and I crack up at how much of a girly girl she is. Whenever she gets excited, she just starts screaming in pure glee. All last week, Ethan would remind her that her birthday party was coming up every time we got a box in the mail. She would just get excited and would start asking when she could open her presents and if there was a cake. If I could speak for Gracie, I think it was worth the wait!

Allowing Mommy a picture in the jumping castle.

Blowing the candles out


Wearing her Dora earrings that her BFF Gabrielle
gave her to wear on her special day.

Daddy and Gracie


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