Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Monday, October 01, 2007

IT'S A .....................


Today we found out that Ethan will be a big brother to a little girl. I wasn't as surprised because I had a little hunch seeing how this pregnancy has been very different from Ethan's pregnancy. We are all excited and I can't wait to go shopping. Eric said as soon as the doctor told him it was a girl, he suddenly developed an ulcer and can feel it growing. I think what scares him is that he knows she will have him wrapped around her little finger the moment she arrives. What was so funny about this is that all week we have been asking Ethan what he thought we were having and every time he would say "sister". I don't think he has even begun to realize what a sister is or what the word meant, I just think he enjoyed saying sister than brother.

My due date hasn't changed so we are still thinking around the 20th of Feb but other than that she looks great. She seems to want to play at night and sleep during the day. I maybe feel her once or twice during the day but night time seems to be playtime because she is all over the place.

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