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Ashe Background

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today I had another prenatal appointment and everything went great. I was a little worried because I have only gained a couple of pounds but the doctor didn't seem worried so I guess this is normal. With Ethan’s pregnancy, every time I got on the scale it seemed like I was always putting on weight. I know I put on more with him in the first three months than I have with this pregnancy. Lord knows I eat anything and everything. We were supposed to have another ultrasound on Thursday but somebody named Eric forgot about an already paid for golf tournament so I rescheduled it for Monday the 1st . Therefore, we could all be present when the doctor tells us the sex of the baby. I can’t wait and I know it is killing Eric.

We ask Ethan all the time “Where is the baby?” and he will come up and point to my belly and say “baby”. It is too cute. Other than that, Ethan is doing wonderfully well and he is just expanding his vocabulary like crazy. He loves learning new body parts and repeating stuff that we say. One funny thing is that Eric has said for a while whenever talking to Ethan “Mooooose” instead of saying move. It was more for fun and getting a laugh out of all of us. Well now, Ethan thinks that is the correct thing to say when you need someone to move. I have tried correcting him but he shakes his head and says it louder while pushing me out of his way. You can’t help but laugh and it sounds so cute the way his lips curl together. When it is not so funny is when we were on our cruise and he kept trying to steal our pillows. In the middle of the night, you would hear Ethan yell “MOOOOSE” while pushing your head off the pillow. Ethan 2 pillows, Mommy no pillows. However, my favorite has to be the manners. I am a little quirky about the manners and really push it upon Ethan to say please and thank you but I truly think it is a chance to teach him to be respectful and learn some gratitude. It is so nice whenever I give something to Ethan and he turns to me and says thank you. I like it the best when I ask him for a kiss and after receiving one, we both say thank you at the same time. I know that I am weird but certain things make me smile.

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