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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

This years Beggars night (what they call trick or treating in our area) was last night. We were more excited than Ethan was and I think we even had more fun getting him all dressed up. I personally think it reminds a parent of their days of being a child on Halloween and all the excitement just comes back. All day Ethan was saying Trick-or- treat but once we got up to the door he froze just looking at the bowl of candy. I finally did get him to say it once he got familiar to what was going on and after a couple of houses. Who knows what he could have been thinking? This is so weird, we put strange clothes on and people give us candy! In the beginning, he was so intent on holding his own bag but once it got too heavy, he gladly handed it over. I think he had a blast and I know Eric and I did as well. Poor Eric, we were not sure if he was going to be able to keep up with us with his knee and all but, he said that he was fine and maybe it would help the healing process. Oh yeah, I forgot to say what Ethan’s costume was. He was a 70’s disco dancer/Elvis looking person. This is the last Halloween that Eric and I will be able to choose for him before he decides on his own so we took full advantage of it. We died laughing while we were taking the pictures. Ethan just looked at us as if we were big dorks. Well, Ethan and I need to get back to his candy stash. We hope that everyone has a wonderful and a safe Halloween

Striking his Saturday Night Fever pose

Holding his goodies

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