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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Excercising a new skill is exhausting

This past Friday our little girl did something amazing. She went from laying down to sitting up all by herself. We were clapping like crazy in which she made it even cuter by clapping herself. Typically when she does something once on her own, she's got it down. I promise to post a video soon of her doing it. Since she has learned this new skill, she has realized that bedtime doesn't really have to mean sleepy time. After placing her in her bed I will come in to check in and will often find her sitting up and messing around. These pictures are of how I found Lexie today. Not how I would choose to fall asleep so I moved her into a much more pleasing position.

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Amy said...

That is to cute!!! she's an amazing little girl!!! she's going to be crawling in no time!!!