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Friday, April 08, 2011

Sailor Suit

I pretty much consider myself a cool Mom. I don't squirm at the site of bugs, blood or even blowout diapers. I don't mind the kids getting dirty while exploring our backyard or when they drag our entire linen closet downstairs to make a really fantastic fort. If we are at a restaurant, I allow my kids to have soda (GASP) . We don't drink soda at home so it is okay to go a little wild sometimes ;) I honestly think duck, duck, goose is hysterically funny and a great workout. I will even turn up the music full blast in our house and the kids and I will dance until we are too exhausted to move. By the way if you ever want to see Gracie shake her Queen. She is sucker for Queen. Anyways, what I am trying to say is that I have never at one point in my role as a Mother felt "uncool". Until yesterday and this is exactly how it all went down.

I got an announcement from Ethan's teacher saying she was doing a lesson on growth now that spring had arrived. We were asked to send in a baby picture of our child.

Me: Hey buddy, did your teacher get your baby picture that I put in your folder?

Ethan: Yes! Why did you put that in there? Everyone laughed at me. pouty face When it was Genesis's turn nobody laughed at her picture but everyone laughed at me.

Me: WHAT? heart breaking into pieces

Eric: Destiny, what picture did you SEND?????

Ethan: The one with the deer on it.

Me: It is not bad...I promise. It is so cuteeee! It was the one where he is wearing those cute little deer booties, the deer bib and the cute deer.........hat. OH MY GOD!! I let my mommy sense take over my better sense. I am totally that Mom that sends her kid to school in a sailor outfit!!!!
Eric: Great!! Poor kid is barely in Pre-K and you have already started the teasing.

Me: Ethan, I am soooooo sorry! I should have asked you which one you wanted to take in. We can go pick out another one and I can take it to school and get the deer one back. I am sure everyone will forget.

Ethan:'s fine.

The next morning I asked Ethan again but he said it was fine. I felt horrible the whole day.

It is still an adorable picture though!
I don't care what a bunch of booger eating 5 year olds say!

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