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Monday, April 04, 2011

Birthday Weekend

On Saturday Eric turned the BIG 30 and this weekend we were able to celebrate it with his family.Dan, Teresa, and David drove all the way from Alamo to help Eric ring in his birthday. We enjoyed having them over and the kids really enjoyed seeing family. On Saturday we spent the day in Bandera showing them our land (which seemed to worsen our allergies) and then we came back to town for Ethan's t-ball game. On Sunday we went downtown for lunch where the kids got their faces painted and enough pinata candy to last us for awhile. By the end of the weekend we were all hot, exhausted and well fed!

Ethan climbing trees!

Monkey see, monkey do!

Seriously! I ask for a smile and I get this!

Family Pic
Ethan at the pitchers mound

Hitting the ball!
Eric "guiding" Ethan

Lunch at THE COVE

Lexie enjoying Grandma time

Ethan, Gracie and our friend Victoria.

The kiddos at the play area

Eric and I

Dan and Teresa
My favorite picture of them so far.

This picture just cracks me up!
Here I am posing with my gangsta children.
Gracie honestly thinks her prison pose is the cutest and Ethan is showing his fist to show off his Tats!

Pinata Time

There were Mariachis playing at the restaurant and these girls were about to dance.
We left before we were able to watch them but Gracie wanted a picture.

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