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Ashe Background

Friday, March 25, 2011

♪ Take me out to the ball game ♪

We had our first T-ball game yesterday and all of the kids did so well. First, let me tell you how adorable and hilarious it is watching the kids chase the ball all over the field. They were like little mini baseball players who at times had no idea what they were doing. Very enjoyable! Ethan was able to bat twice, made two home runs, played pitcher and catcher. He loves anything that deals with sports so he enjoyed it a lot. It was so hard for me to take pictures because of the fence in the way but we were able to get some good shots.

Ethan at the pitchers mound.

Ethan smacking the ball

Ethan giving Dad a high five for making it to first base.

Ethan pointing to his next stop..home base!


Ethan sitting in the dugout.
That red mark on his face is due to a playground incident.

Ethan and his teammate Finn

Gracie with Emi, Finn's sister

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