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Sunday, March 13, 2011

On Fire!

I don't know where he got the motivation from but my hubby was on fire this weekend. He stained the deck, built a raised garden for me and the kids, and added a backsplash in our kitchen. My only request for the weekend was the garden but he must of not thought that was good enough because he went for that and more.

The garden turned out great and the kids had a great time planting and watering it. Gracie was the most excited and kept saying "Such a beautiful garden!" I am hoping this serves as a lesson to the kids about eating healthy, not being wasteful of food and most importantly helping out our local food bank. We can't wait to see those buds sprouting!

However, the project of the weekend was the backsplash and it is FANTASTIC! It has changed the room more than I had imagined and I absolutely love it. Sometimes I just catch myself staring and quietly cursing that we waited this long to install one. When we first moved in it was on the list but it was probably forgotten about when I lost the list. ;)

Lexie enjoying the spring weather on the deck

Ethan working with his tools

Gracie felt jealous and requested I take her picture with her using her pose with not actually use.

Hubby working hard!

This one just cracks me up!

Gracie planting our seeds
Ethan helping Mommy move the dirt around

I love how when I ask them to take a picture together, they not only stand real close but they put their arms around each other. Makes this mommy's heart happy!

Before Backsplash

After Backsplash

Yes....he is amazing and very taken!


Brenda said...

Looks great! I does make a huge difference!

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