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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ethan's Announcement

Ethan and Jayden

I still had to get a video of him saying it!!

On Monday, Ethan's teacher informed me that Ethan was going to be apart of Thursday's morning announcement. Since it is Black History month they are covering influential African Americans. Ethan and his classmate, Jayden, were assigned Nat King Cole. Now the way morning announcements are done nowadays is totally different from when I grew up. There is no intercom. Every classroom has a TV. First picture on the screen was the American flag where everyone said the pledge of allegiance and then it was the Texas flag where the same thing happened. After that, the 5th graders opened the show with a introduction of the days events and then it was pre-k's turn for their little skit. Next, it was the first graders turn who's poster board was about Rosa Parks. After they were all done, the principal gets on and gives the rest of announcements and finishes it off. I was way more nervous than Ethan when I realized it was going to be filmed. I pictured the little microphone stand where you push the button to speak. Not a TV Station with a green screen! Thankfully, Ethan doesn't take things too seriously because he did not seem to be concerned about it. He was like..."Yeah mom, we are on TV". When it was his turn to speak, he spoke in the microphone and looked straight at the camera. HOWEVER, my camera cut off half way through their speech. I wanted to cry!!! It wasn't the battery because it was saying it had half of a battery left. Anyways...He did FANTASTIC and didn't really even look at his cheat sheet. I was so amazed at how grown up he looked. What I love is that he was very proud of himself. When we were first given his script, we were both very nervous that he had to memorize it (higher grades get to read theirs) and the fact that there were some big words. Ethan just turned five and we are in the beginning process of reading where we are sounding out small words so I knew I needed to find another way. That is when I realized he just needed hints to help him out.

Here was his cheat sheet. He read the small words and used the pictures to help him with the other words.

I know you are probably wondering how does a boy on a float relate to the word "influenced". Well, I asked Ethan "When you hear the word influence what do you think of."
He said "Like a big float that you have to inflate".
That's when I knew!

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Smilen Champ said...

Hi Lexie
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. u are a brave courageous fighter and a real hero. U are full of life, spunk, smiles, joy, love, happiness, courage and fight. Ethan you did a great job. I was born with a rare life threatening bone disease. My site: I love it when other sign my guestbook or email me.