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Monday, May 01, 2006

Ethan Update

Lately Ethan has been trying real hard to rollover. As you can see in one picture he is almost there but just can't get his arm out from under him. We think he is also teething because he has his hands constantly in his mouth and has been drooling everywhere. He shirt gets real soaked. The other day I put my knuckle in his mouth to see if it helped and once I toke it out he had a huge fit. He won’t take any of his teething rings. He only wants flesh.

He is still doing great on sleeping! Lately around 8:30 he just gets this look in his eyes like "Bed please". We will put him in his crib and he won't fight it like he does with his naps. He smiles, turns his little cute head to one side and less than a second he is sleeping. In the picture where he is sleeping, I walked in to find him lying like that. We did not pose him. However, the last pic we kind of put him that way. He looks like a baby model.

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Mom:Margie said...

Not having you all around the corner to stop in and spend time with you all, somtimes is hard. This really helps. You know when I see the new pictures on the blogger, I get really happy that I am able to see you all and how great Eathan is doing. I really miss you all alot.
Mom Margie