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Ashe Background

Thursday, May 11, 2006

4 month check-up and Bingo

Yesterday Ethan turned 4 months old. It has flown by! He has turned from a snuggling calm baby to a constantly moving and active infant. Today Ethan had his 4-month check up appointment. The doctor said he was looking real healthy (ok I know my kid is a little chubby, that’s how I like my babies!) and had great pinching cheeks. His weight is 15lbs and 6oz, height is 24 in and his head size is 16 1/2 in. He did get 3 shots today. He handled it much better than the last time. He only screamed as she was giving them but as soon as he was picked up he calmed down to just a bottom lip whimper. As soon as we got home he passed out, as you can see in the picture. My poor baby :(

In other news, I am hosting a function for the OSC called Crystal Basket Bingo tonight and it will be the final event of the board year. I am excited and hopefully I will win something this year. It will be the last event for me at Goodfellow since we will be leaving around July. I have been on the board for two years and even with all the hard work. I have enjoyed all the people that I have met and will remember the friendships that I have made. Ladies, it has been my pleasure!

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