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Monday, June 06, 2011

Mars and Mosaic

Mars Needs Moms has been a favorite in our house for about a year now. When I saw that they were making it into a movie, you can say I was a wee bit excited! Probably three times more excited than the kids. When I first read the book, I started to cry. Yes, I am emotional but it is such a sweet story. Unfortunately things kept coming up when it first came to the theater so we ended up missing it. However, our stars must have aligned because school is over and the dollar theater is now featuring it. Was it a good movie? Ethan and Gracie gave it 5 stars! They were in a trance the entire time. I would look over at my two 3D suited children and watched as they were slowly being sucked in by the big screen. Ethan would come to life howling with laughter whenever the time came up but other than that, glued in! Lexie gave it 0 stars and I am pretty sure that will be the last movie she is allowed to go to. While the other two were peacefully glued, I was busy walking around the back of the theater with Lexie. She did eventually fall asleep, 10 minutes before it ended. I have to say it was a really cute movie. I was quite pleased with their interpretation of the book. After that busy morning, we came home and commenced Ethan's loooong awaited favorite time....craft time! The kids each got to do their own mosaic masterpiece. I was quite surprised by how much Gracie loved it. I figured she was going to lose interest after 5 minutes but she did the entire thing. I think the fact that the mermaid's hair matches Rapunzel's hair was what did it for her. You have no idea how many times a day I hear, "Rapunzel, let down your hair." She will even walk around the house with a scarf around her neck just to see it trail on the floor behind her. Anyways, Ethan loved his race car and it is now hanging on his door as the "Key Code" to get into his room. I also got a chance for my own little craft time. I made a cover for my camera strap. I have a thing for rosettes and ruffles! You will have to stay tuned for a future project that I have in mind. Ruffles galore!

Can you see how excited he is?

Hard at work!

Gracie loving her mermaid

Ethan showing off his race car

Lexie didn't make a mosaic but she definitely got herself into a pickle!
Her nickname is roly-poly!

My new camera strap.

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