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Monday, June 27, 2011

Mommy- Daughter Date

We are ready to go!

Enjoying some Root Beer

Gabrielle and Gracie enjoying the playground.

Gracie, Gabrielle, and Joanna

The girls with Pinkalicious!

This past Saturday while Lexie, Ethan and Eric were off enjoying some pool time. Gracie and I went on a double date with Joanna and Gabrielle for A Mommy-Daughter date. Joanna is Lexie's Godmother so her and Gabrielle feel more like family. We first went out to lunch at a downtown restaurant were we enjoyed cool drinks, Mexican food, and playing on the playground. Afterwards, we made out way on down to the Magik Theatre were we got to see the play Pinkalicious. Both of the girls enjoyed watching the book come alive. Gracie associates watching any stage with popcorn so she was busy eating that as well. After the play the girls were able to get the actors autographs as well as a picture with Pinkalicious. All the fun we were having must have wore them out because they both zonked out on the way home. It was a great day and I am glad that I got to have one on one time with her. I plan on doing it a lot more!

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Autumn said...

Pink is definitely both of your colors - love your "matching" outfits!