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Ashe Background

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pool and Paint

This week seems to have a theme and it was purely by accident. It started off with Mars and mosaics, then bowling and barbecue, and finishing off with pool and painting. On Friday we made our way to the pool for a nice relaxing morning with friends. I will have to remember to take my camera next time because Ethan was doing some crazy flips. It is scary seeing your baby try new, crazy things but knowing how much he embraces adventure makes me smile. He is a risk taker, adrenaline junkie! I see a lot of worrying in my future trying to accept his carefree attitude. I will also remember to coat myself with sun block too. I am always worrying about the kiddos and tend to place myself on the back burner. Well, that back burner is extremely hot so I am paying for it today!

Later that day while Lexie was sleeping away, I pulled out the paints, papers towels, decorative scissors and we went to town. The kids had a great time and really enjoyed the craft. After a couple dry runs, they started to get crazy with their designs and mixing their paint choices. Once they were dry, Ethan was already placing them in his envelopes to give away to all of his friends. He had them separated by gender and would explain to me why he was give that certain art piece to that certain person. Gracie wanted to tape her masterpieces to her door.

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