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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cardigan Re-do

I came across this fabulous blog which featured a basic tutorial using a cardigan and extra material. Her end result was just gorgeous and it made me what to try it out, especially since I had a cream cardigan that I never wear because it just looked too grandma to me....sorry grandma!

There are two other items on her blog that I can't wait to make.

My cardigan before.....
My cardigan after...

The funny thing is that I couldn't find anything in my closet that was anywhere close to what I needed for the ruffles so I searched Eric's and found what I needed. Long johns saved the day! Let's not mention this to my husband because he actually uses these to keep him warm for when he goes hunting. He can borrow my cardigan instead! hehehe

Hilarious...isn't it!


vance's mama said...

lol that is too funny my poor brother but who cares it made you an awesome sweater he could have had to just buy you one

katieowens said...

Looks awesome! I am trying the black ruffle shirt today.