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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Gracie!!

Gracie has officially turned 3!!! Gracie is a riot and her character is truly unique. She came into this world the only way anyone would expect Gracie to come into this world. She is a ball of fire and can definitely hold her own. She cracks us up with her sudden burst of girly screams when something is just too wonderful to contain. She has this amazing smile and will always tilt her head to pose for the camera. She is known to just walk on up and say "I love you" for no reason at all. Anytime she is feeling neglected she will complain about some body part being broken and always replies with..."But it hurts willy willy bad, Mommy!!!!" Hands down she is a daddy's girl! If I am scolding her, she will run to her dad and tell on me like it is nobody's business. She absolutely adores her brother and sister! Even when she gets into an argument with her brother and he will stomp away from her. She will scream after him," I want my brother...BROTHER!!!" She has never, not even once been mean to Lexie. She could hold her all day and love every single second of it. She is obsessed with anything pink and purple, especially dresses! She is a giant compared to kids her own age and boy is she a talker! We still have no idea where she gets that from ;)! Lately, her favorite saying has been "Absolutely not!". Especially when it comes to cleaning up the toys. She is already addicted to shoes and purses so we are prepared for a few setbacks when she gets her own checking account. Unlike Ethan and I, Gracie does not wake up happy. She needs her space and if you get too close you may lose a body part. Gracie is infamous on saying "I am not talking to you then" and running to lock herself in the bathroom if you upset her in anyway. It is actually quite hilarious! When Gracie has her mind set, there is no going back! She is one determined, independent, silly girly girl. We never know what will come out of her mouth but life would surely be boring if she didn't keep us on our toes!

Check back to see pictures from our Ladybug Mania!!!

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