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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I do not know why I have not made more Valentine's Day crafts in the past??? Ugggh...Hearts, pink and the word LOVE everywhere should of sucked me in a long time ago. We had soooo much fun making crafts for this holiday. I am a little bummed that I didn't have time to make a wreath I have had my eye on but it is a really tedious craft so I will have to save that idea for future use. Once again, and I know you are tired from hearing this, but my kid kicks butt in the craft department. His love for crafts is so amusing to watch and if you peek into our house during nap time you will often find me and him scouring over blogs to find our next craft. The whole time there is a 5 year old voice in my ear saying "Ohh Mom, look at that!!! That would be awesome if we could make that" (while shaking his head up and down with his big ear to ear grin). He even picked out his own Valentines cards to give out to his classmates. We have seen it all over blog land this week and he was dead set on using it himself.

The pictures below are from a LOVE canvas craft that I thought would be easy enough for him to make but where it also looked like I purchased it from a store. The bonus with this craft is that it has the colors from Gracie's upcoming birthday party on it. Two holidays for the price of one! I got this idea from here and I love her choice of colors and her bunting!! I will be shamelessly coping her in the future.

(Is it just me or does it look my angel is flipping me off...Don't be a control freak mom!!)

The finished product! Of course it is not perfect and if you look close you can see where he went crazy with the glue but it is perfect to me and I love it!! This was the first craft where Ethan took the lead and did it all. He picked which letters got black or red and just ran with it. It was hard for me to step back but I have learned he knows what he wants and he will be proud of it!

The craft below is what we made for the grandparents. I knew I wanted to use the kids silhouettes but since I was mailing 3 separate packages, placing them on canvas's just wasn't feasible. Then it hit me...uggh why not throw it on a red heart! I had other embellishments on them and even ribbon to go around the heart. However, the more I placed on them the more I felt I was ruining them. Although the little jewels in the girls hair is a nice touch. I love their simple looks and I love them even more since the silhouettes are of my cherished babes!

Gracie enjoyed this craft a little too much by slamming her face with the palm of her hand.
She found it quite funny that she was hitting herself.

TADA!!! This picture doesn't even do them justice!
Isn't it amazing how much it looks like them.
I was amazed how easy it was to make their silhouettes and
I will be making a lot more in the future!
(Daddy favorite)

FINALLY--I know...I are like enough we get it...he likes crafts!!
BUT I have to show you Ethan's Valentine's Day cards to his classmates.
As soon as he saw it, his mind was set! Plus, when you have such a gorgeous, photogenic child like mine how could I resist his request.

No seriously, have you seen his smile.......just take a peek for yourself!

Isn't it great!!!
I just love how they turned out. Ethan asks everyday if it is Valentine's day.
He can't wait to pass those cuties out!

Boys get pencils and girls get roses!
His school doesn't allow candy and I don't want to get into right now because I will go all night but I find it a huge injustice.... A HUGE INJUSTICE!!!

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Dest those are so awesome!!!!! oh man no candy at school come on its valentines day!!!