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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ladybug Mania

Saturday was Gracie's party and she requested Lady bugs to be the theme for her party. Being her very intense and maybe at times psychotic mother....I totally ran with it. Everyone seemed to of had a fabulous time and Gracie only had ONE meltdown so we call that a success! I think the highlights for her were the lady bug cake and receiving a Fancy Nancy dress. She was very appreciative of her cake and even told me,"Mommy, you are soooo nice to me". Which made me laugh because you know, I am a wicked stepmother the rest 11 months of the year! Now I know why I have that mole on my face?!! Anyways, we had a great time and I think/hope Gracie had an even better birthday. Brace yourselves for pictures!

I made Gracie's tutu and her shirt. The tutu looks really
long in this picture but it wasn't that long!

If you pay close attention you can tell that Gracie made sure every detail was
Lady bugged out! It wasn't me but you can just say that this little girl has a
certain guy wrapped around her little finger.

You can't see the ladybug that is on Eric's arm but
Gracie wouldn't touch it.

Taking our pics before the party!

Birthday Kiss!

Her daddy!!

A special cake for my little girl!

The table decor

I told you it was lady bugged out!

Her seeing the lady bug cake for the first time!

I guess she likes it!

The boys.....

..and the girls.

Pinata time!!!!

Just to show you how fast a meltdown occurs in our house.
These pictures were taken within seconds of each other.
First, there is Gracie searching for candy and coming up empty handed which could be because she has a marshmallow stick in one hand that just cannot be parted with.

The slow whine is starting......

... it is escalating......

...until it gets to a full sob. But wait... her buddy Ryder is giving her some of his candy!

All is right with the world again! I hope you noticed that the
marshmallow stick stayed in her hand the entire time.
I told you she was a riot!

My little girl laying her eyes on a Fancy Nancy dress and falling in love.

Cake time!

Everyone wearing their ladybug antennas!

Lexie showing off her antennas.
She was even lady bugged out.

Don't you just want to bite her... or is that just me :O

Party favors consisted of real Lady Bugs.

Side note: If you ever open a bag of live ladybugs make sure you are outside and not inside!

Birthday Song

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