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Ashe Background

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What's so funny?

This past weekend my parents and brother Julian had visited us since it was spring break. It was great to have them here because Eric and I got to relax while Ethan got some lovin from them. One day during their visit, Julian was playing with Ethan and jumping around like always and out of nowhere while in my lap Ethan starts to giggle. Julian and I both freaked and since we were the only ones that heard it tried to get everyone to come to us hoping he would do it again. Julian tried to get him to do it again while everyone else waited patiently but Ethan seemed to have moved on from that moment and on to something else. Oh well, I am just glad that I had heard it because it was such a great laugh. I can't wait for many more. GOOD JOB UNCLE JULIAN!!

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Mom:Margie said...

We all had a great trip up there. To bad Julian can't have Monthly breaks, we would be regulars! It was so awesome to be with all and love the baby!