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Ashe Background

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Swing Away

Today Ethan has had a great day enjoying the wonderful weather that Texas has to offer. Now I can start taking him out without freaking out if he is cold. The weather is said to get up into the 90's today. One great thing about San Angelo are the parks. There is one park that I take Ethan to that has great trails for us to walk on (lose baby weight) and great swings that are meant for moms and infants. He loves the motion of it. I love it because it is a chance to get out the house and really to bond with him. We have our own special time together.

Nowadays Ethan must be going trough a growth spurt because he is eating more and more. However, with eating more he is really getting the cute chubby body with the double chin. I can't wait till our next doctors appointment * March 10th* so that we can see how much he weighs. OHH wait I forgot. At this appointment he gets his 2-month shots. I am not looking forward to that. Especially since the mother in me wants to hurt anyone who even looks at my child wrong much less prick him with a needle. Okay I will calm down.

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Mom: Margie said...

Destiny, Julian and I looked at your web page and fell in Love with
it. I really love that I will be able to go on and see what going with you and your family. Love the picture.