Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Friday, March 10, 2006

2 months!!

Today Ethan turns 2 months old!! Eric and I were talking on how it has flown by, however that has not always been the case. When Ethan turned 2 weeks I remember thinking that between that time and his birth felt like months. That was due to recovering from birth and exhaustion on waking up every two hours to feed him. I remember thinking that we were always attached to one another because of his big appetite during that growth spurt. But that has all changed and now it feels that he is growing too fast. Such that I have noticed his personality is really starting to blossom. He is awake a lot more now which I use to my advantage in getting to know him.


angel said...

I've had the same conversation with Mike. Doesn't it make you sad to see how fast they grow? It is fun to see more personality though. I'm sure Ethan is so much fun!

Danielle said...

he is just to cute i cant believe hes already 2 months!!! my mom says to tell him happy birthday!

Mom: Margie said...

The 3 of you look great. Love this picture!

I so glad that Ethan is happy baby. But look at his wonderful, wonderful parents!!
You 2 are doing a great job.