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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Look at me now!

I can’t believe how much Ethan doesn’t look like a newborn anymore. Everywhere we go all we hear is “look how big he is”. When we tell them that he is 2 months they all reply with WOW! I think he looks like a normal 2 month old, but I don’t really have another child to compare him too. All I know is that my arms are getting tired a lot quicker and that Ethan is still eating like a champ. He is not a big fan of his swing but will settle for it after a couple of minutes crying and no mommy. What I have noticed is that he loves to just lie on a blanket and look up above at the ceiling fan while it is moving. He prefers doing that more than being in his other toys. Yesterday my friend Juanita invited me to play group. Even though Ethan is too young for it, she thought it might be great for us to get out of the house and a chance for me to meet some other mothers. I was able to talk with some of the women there that had infants and got to hear their stories and advice. Ethan actually had a good time. It seemed like each kid wanted to come play with him. He would smile as they jumped around him. I think he liked being constantly entertained. Once that kid got bored and went away, a new kid would walk up and continued to entertain Ethan. He was all smiles and I was happy to share the job of occupying him. For the past couple of nights Ethan got his nighttime feeding at 8:00 and was put to bed at 8:30. He hasn’t woken up till 3:30 for his first feeding of the night. I am loving his new routine. I do hope that it continues.


Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea! Ethan is adorable and we really loved seeing you guys last month. I know what you mean about the shots. When Keegan got her first set, she got so mad she screamed for ages and wouldn't calm down. It took forever. It hurt to watch her hurt. The doctor said we could give her the Tylenol about 20 minutes before the shot the next time so it was already in her system. It definitely seemed to help, but it didn't make it any easier to watch.


Anonymous said...

I can't blame the nurse for coming up from behind. Maybe it's the same one who told me that children run crying from her in the commissary. ugh

~ Cathi

Danielle said...

mom and i agree he is just to gorgeous!!!!

Mom: Margie said...

Ethan is growing so so fast. Give him some XOXOX!!