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Saturday, November 03, 2012


In order for me to fully convey just how crazy this week was, I have to start from the beginning.
I promise I did not make this stuff up.

Wednesday 24th- Eli was only drinking 1/2 an ounce of milk so his chances of escaping the NICU were not looking good. We expected about another week before he would be able to come home. Eric went back to work and accepted an out of town work trip because we were sure Eli was not coming home and we wanted to preserve Eric's time off for when Eli came home from the hospital.

Thursday 25th- Guess who starts chugging his bottle like an alcoholic?! Yup, Mr. Eli!

Saturday 27th - We learn that Eli will be able to come home earlier than we expected. The doctors tell us they will discharge him on Monday!  I later have to hit up a tire place because a screw ends up in my tire. Thankfully, I have a full size spare that can be placed until Eric gets home to handle it.

Sunday 28th- The kids and I head straight to the grocery store and prepare for Hurricane Sandy because it was coming our way!

Monday 29th- Hurricane Sandy is here, but nothing is stopping us from picking up our little Eli! The doctors tell us they can only release people till noon because of the hurricane. Thankfully, we were able to escape and hurriedly made our way home. I think I was holding the steering wheel too tight because my arms were sore by the time we got home. That is how bad the wind and rain was. Below are pictures from that day.

We are going to bring our brother home today!

I'm a BIG sister!

Please take me home!!! 

Tuesday 30th- We survived Hurricane Sandy! We awoke to a much calmer morning which was a relief because the storm really raged during the night. Seeing how we had no where to go and there was no school, we enjoyed a nice quiet day at home. We baked cupcakes, made a Halloween craft and got to enjoy Eli! Ethan and Gracie took turns in helping me feed, change and hold Eli. Lexie is a little more jealous of Eli, but I am hoping she will get used to him. The kids were really helpful and made his homecoming really special. Eric called to let us know that due to Sandy his trip was going to be extended till Monday. We were really bummed, but at least I didn't have to make the two hour drive to visit Eli anymore so it didn't feel too bad. Later that night when I was putting the trash out, I discovered a tree had fallen on our driveway. The entrance of our driveway is not visible from our house so it went unnoticed all day. Thankfully, our next door neighbor owned a chainsaw and was nice enough to chop it up. Here are pictures from that day!

Ethan, Gracie and Lexie made spider hands and Eli made black ghost!

Wednesday 31st- Happy Halloween! We had a great day celebrating the holiday at the kid's school! They both had fall parties and were anxiously awaiting to fill up their bags with all of the trick or treat candy we would be getting that night. However, I had contacted Eli's Neurosurgeon concerning his bulging soft spot. His head size was not increasing, he was acting alert and was not showing any other symptoms, but something just wasn't right. He tells us to go straight to the emergency room back at the hospital Eli was at during his NICU stay. The kids were already in their costumes so I was expecting a full on riot when I told them that there would not be any trick or treating. Surprisingly, there wasn't a riot nor even a single tear. I think they understood why it was so important to get Eli to the hospital and that candy can be bought any day. Even though it was a horrible week and it was about to get even worse, I have to admit my kids made my heart swell with pride. Yes, sometimes they fight and say mean things to each other, but to see them realize how important we are to each other is something beyond beautiful. After 3 hours at the ER it was determined that Eli was having a shunt malfunction. Surgery was set for Friday. The kids and I made our way home while Eli was sent back to the NICU. It was a hard night because I not only had to leave my baby AGAIN at the hospital, but I realized it was all getting to be too much. I waved my huge white flag and made the call of desperation to Eric. Thankfully, he was already booked on the next flight in. As I was driving home, I started to feel really sick. I had a fever, chills, and in was a lot of pain. I thought it was just due to all of the stress so after putting my older ones to bed, I toke a Motrin and passed out. 

Thursday 1st- My hubby comes home and I literally feel like a ton of bricks was lifted off of my shoulders. However, as soon as he walks in the door, I walk out of the door and head straight to the ER. The sickness I was feeling was not the flu but Mastitis. Yup!! That god awful infection that makes you realize having two breasts is just plain greedy, so you are willing to cut it off yourself to stop the throbbing. Thankfully, I was given that amazing thing called Percocet and antibiotics. I was pretty much useless all day, but thankfully Eric jumps right in. 

Friday 2nd- Eli has his surgery and it goes smoothly! It was determined that it was his valve that malfunctioned. The doctors think it will be Monday before he will be able to come home. After ALL of that, I am crossing my fingers and hope the month of November is much brighter month than October!


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