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Ashe Background

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our little man!

On the last post I wrote that Eli was going to discharged from the NICU on Monday the 5th. However, his white cell count shot up so he wasn't able to come till the next Monday which was the 12th. After two days home his soft spot started to bulge again so he went right back into the NICU on Wednesday to receive a 3rd shunt revision on Friday. Our poor little guy has been through a lot within his first month of life. Thankfully, everything appeared to be fine with Eli so he was discharged yesterday. I love having him home and feel so content with our little family. Despite what has been thrown at us, I still feel grateful for all that we have. Nothing can compare to the love I have for my little guy and my other kiddos. Motherhood truly feels like your heart is walking outside off your body.

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Jen said...

Welcome home Eli! You have been through a lot little dude. Happy Thanksgiving to the Ashe's.