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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lexie's Christmas List

 Shopping for Lexie can be a little daunting because she is not like a "normal" 3 year old. Typically toys that are made for her age group do not seem to grasp her attention. I have been asked by our family and friends to compile a list. If I have a hard time figuring her out than I know they could really use some help. Here you go!

Clothes are always a good choice! She is wearing a 3T in top and bottoms, but in jeans I would say she is still a 2T due to her small waist. I think skinny jeans look the best on her because they don't drag when she tries to walk and they don't need to be tightened that much. 
Tights and hair bows are always a hit too!
 Melissa and Doug Latch Board
 When I saw this I immediately thought of Lexie. This is such a great idea for developing fine motor skills while looking very much like a toy. I am hoping that if she masters this, her pincher grasp will become stronger which may help her self feed. 

Bandana Bibs
I have made a few for Lexie, but she could definitely use more. 
I love how stylish they are and that she will actually leave them on. 
Here are few Etsy sites that have caught my attention.  

If you have held Lexie or have seen me hold Lexie than 
you are fully aware of the fact that Lexie is constantly moving. She craves motion and I think it helps her feel aware of her body. I think this would help her soothe the constant need for motion, but also be fun for her as well. Who doesn't like Scooters?!

 Anywhere Chair 
We are slowly getting to the point where Lexie is going to be too big to use restaurant high chairs. With her long legs, it is the putting her in and taking her out that is getting harder.  However, due to her being a natural explorer, a regular chair by itself is not such a good idea.    
I like this one and this one

Toddler Slide 
Lexie loves slides! As soon as she spots one, she turns into a wiggle worm trying to escape my arms. 
This will be going into her room because I know it will be a toy that she will play with constantly. Hopefully during those mornings when she wakes up before 6!
I like both of these because they have landings on the top
just in case she needs help balancing herself to go down the slide.
Step 2 Lookout & Little Tikes slide

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