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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Traditions for the season

This will be our first year doing a advent calendar and I think I am more excited than the kids. I wanted to do an advent to celebrate the coming of Christmas but I didn't want it to just be filled with treats for them. It is quite hard to show Ethan and Gracie how they can be of service to other people especially since they are still dependent of me. Their age and skill level kind of inhibits them from being able to help in ways adults can. Therefore, half of our advent list is treats or activities that they will be able to do and the other half are things that we can do to help other people. I think Christmas is a great starting off point to show them how they can be of help to others throughout the rest of the new year.

Also, one of our activities including introducing our new Elf to the kiddos.
His name is Benny Elmer. He has been very mischievous while we have been asleep. The kids absolutely adore him and LOVE his little antics. They can't get over the fact that he is here to spy on them to make sure the are being good, yet he does crazy things while we are sleeping.

Here are a few pictures of the recent activities that we have done.
If you would like my full list, please email me.

Ethan opening the 1st door on our advent calendar

Write a letter to Santa

North Pole Breakfast to welcome our Elf!
(Yes, my kiddos love Tattoos! Ethan's chest looks like he has been in the Navy for 20 years)

Yummy Donuts!

Powdered Face

Our Elf taking Barbie to a drive in movie.
Gracie was giggling and loved that her Barbie had a friend.

Here he is switching our stockings for the kids underwear.
Mischievous little guy!

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