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Friday, December 09, 2011

Advent Activites and Elmer!

Make a gift to give to someone else.
The kids choose to paint a plastic ornament.

Decorate a Gingerbread House.

He cracks me up how serious he gets when he is making something.

This one was full of giggles that day!

Eating the leftover candies!

I saw these last year and just had to try them for myself!
Aren't they not the cutest?!! I opted for store bought (GASP) gingerbread and icing,
but I think they came out just as cute!
Mini Gingerbread Link

Deliver goodies to our local fire station and thank them for their service!
These guys were so sweet and basically let the kids do whatever they wanted.
They got to sit in the truck and play around with the equipment.

Make Reindeer Food to put out on Christmas Eve!
Reindeer Food printable

Make a Christmas Craft
Reindeer Link

You betcha I still took a picture of her!
She is just going to LOVE this when she grows up!

Elmer the Elf's crazy antics

Zip line from upstairs to downstairs

Fishing for goldfish

He "Tped" our gingerbread house

Elves LOVE syrup!

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Jen said...

I love your posts and want to come for craft time. I can only imagine how fun it is when your kids find Elmer being naughty, too cute!