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Ashe Background

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lexie the Stair Master

Lexie, like most children her age, absolutely loves the stairs. Due to her safety and our sanity we have had to install a gate to keep her from going upstairs. However, the moment she hears the gate being opened, she ditches whatever she may be doing at that time and hightails it over there in hopes that she may be able to squeeze through before it closes. There are even times during the day where she tries to squeeze her head through the gate just to touch the 1st step. Tonight we were able to catch her love of stairs on video. Even her savoring every step because who knows when she will be allowed to do it again. Also, by the way we never really taught Lexie how to get off of the couch. That is something she totally picked up herself and we are thrilled to see her develop the correct action without us having to push and repeat it during therapy. Kudos Lexie!!

Yes, we love football around here!

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