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Friday, December 23, 2011

Seizures Suck!

Sunday night at around 10 pm, Eric and I were making our nightly rounds. We always go and check in on our sleeping babies before we call it a night. When I walked upon Lexie's room I noticed her light was on. As I was about to question Eric why he would turn her light on, afraid that he was about to wake her up, is when I noticed he was holding her shaking body. She had thrown up in her crib and no matter how much we yelled out her name, her poor little body kept jerking. I ran to my room to get my cell phone and called 911. It took them about 10 minutes (LONGEST 10 minutes of my life) to reach us and they finally got the seizure to stop while en route to the hospital. I told them that Lexie did have a cough and a small fever during the day but we kept it at bay with Motrin. While we were in the ER, Lexie had another seizure lasting 18 minutes. I don’t think I will ever accept the helpless feeling that precedes many of Lexie’s predicaments. It is gut-wrenching to stand by and surrender control. I basically just had to watch while the nurses and doctors did their job. However, out of the whole experience, I am very happy with how devoted they were to her situation. They did a CT scan, shunt series x-ray, and a spinal tap. Everything came back normal and her shunt was working wonderfully. Once those tests came back normal, she was sent up to Intensive Care Unit for observation. It was in ICU that an EEG was done to determine why she was having seizures. After two days of observation and no seizure activity, we were released. We were given Keppra to control any activity and the neurologist thinks they make be febrile but he wants us to discuss it with our neurologist before we decide on anything. Since it was an emergency we were taken to Methodist Children’s Hospital but our Neuro is at Brooke Army Medical center. We have made an appointment and I am looking forward to hearing his thoughts.

Lexie hooked up to the EEG (taken with my phone)

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