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Ashe Background

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Advent Activites and Elmer part II

We are still doing our Advent calendar but I sometimes forget to take pictures or it would be rude/awkward to take pictures so here are only two from the past week.

Family Movie Night
We watched How the Grinch stole Christmas,
ate popcorn, and sipped on sparkling grape juice.

Here is Lexie holding our present that we donated to a family that was in need. Ethan and Gracie helped picked it out but Lexie got to deliver it because the other two were at school.

Elmer dyed our milk green!

Here he is hiding in the tree

Here he was caught with a blue marker while the kids had writing all over the face.
I think HE really enjoyed this one!

Hanging upside down form the light fixture.

I forgot to take pictures of him playing hungry hippo game with Woody
and reading a Christmas story to GI Joe.

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