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Ashe Background

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Witte Museum

Today was our first time going the Witte Museum and I have to say it was really cool. It seems like anytime we would try to go, something always came up. Ethan and Gracie were in love with all of the hands on science exhibits but I think the best part for them were the water ponds. They spent more time there than anywhere else. We have been so busy getting ready for school, doctor visits for Lexie and finishing up some projects around the house so it was nice to enjoy one day doing some really cool stuff.

Ethan trying to not get tagged by the pink square!

Pull it girl!

Do you see a UFO?

The look on her face cracks me up!

He was the only kid who would try the rock wall. Pure Junkie.

Amelia, Norah, and Gracie

Gracie and Norah at the ponds

Gracie can't go 30 minutes without having a snack.

The owl says Oh-Oh!

Seriously Mother! Taking pictures of me in this heat?!

Just joking!


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Amy said...

that one pic of Lexie giving you "the face" is Gracie's influence!! I love it!!