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Ashe Background

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Serenity Now

As I am cleaning up one mess in the bathroom, I can hear this conversation coming from the kitchen.

Ethan: What are you drinking?

Gracie: Shhh...Mom's sweet tea.

Ethan: Ooohhh, Mom is not going to like that!!

Gracie: Want some? (Have to hand it to Gracie. Turn the witness into the accomplice. Smart Girl)

Ethan: Sure!!

SPLASH!!!!!!!!!! TEA ON TILE!!!!!

Ethan: Oh. She is really not going to like that!

By the time I reached the kitchen there were no children, spilled tea all over the floor and 2 sets of wet footprints going in opposite directions. Seinfeld moment of the day -Serenity Now!

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