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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

These are the times!

Today we had our Halloween party with our playgroup friends and it is the best example I can give when I say 'these are the times'. Meaning, these are the times I want my children to remember when they speak of their childhood. Where my fantastic group of friends generously throw a party that will not only make the kids happy but one that they will hopefully remember. I love when I am apart of a group who enjoy all of the finer points of parenting and take it to heart like I do. I love seeing my little ones hunt for bone yard bones, paint scary cupcakes and make Jack'o Laterns. I know my kiddos now may just see it as a little party but as they get older and maybe even when they become parents, they will look back and see that we tried. Not only that we tried but that we wanted it to be the best Halloween party just for them. Even if in their eyes I become the meddling and life ruining kind of was so worth it!

A huge THANK YOU goes to Grandma Teresa for making the cutest Mouse Costume for Lexie's 1st Halloween. I know Ethan, Gracie and Lexie will always treasure these items that were made with love.

She was so happy and content in her costume!

Snow White gracing us with her presence.

Darth Vader ( Ethan), Princess Jasmin (Rayven), and Minnie (Rylee)
making Jack O'Laterns

Lexie being tickled by Caryn

Playgroup buddies

Ethan petting his sister?

Snow White looking for bones

Darth Vader looking for bones

She was in character the whole time.
If she would of found a squirrel, I am postive she would've of sang to it.

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