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Monday, November 01, 2010

Magical in every way

Another Halloween has come and gone but it was still as delightful as the ones before it. I know parents can relate to that fuzzy feeling you get when you see your little ones toddle up the driveway looking their best and secretly hoping to find a butt load of candy waiting for them on the other side of the door. Hearing all the little voices say “Tick o Teat” and impatiently push their bags forward is one of those memories that any mother will always treasure. Even if your family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, seeing your children do something that as a child you once found exciting is what makes the whole experience a magical one. Darth Vader and Snow White loved every minute of it while our Mouse, who was probably dreaming about candy, slept in her stroller. Ethan and Gracie were fantastic about saying “Trick o Treat” and even saying “Thank You”. I am one of those nagging mothers that constantly repeat… “We must always remember to use our…..” and they always reply back in dull irritated voices “Manners, we know MOM!”. Yet, it must be sinking in because they were on top of their game last night. We only needed to walk 3 blocks before it became to MUCH candy and returned home to savor all of that chocolate goodness. I helped myself to how ever much I wanted without feeling guilty because I wanted to enjoy it right along side with them and remember when I could eat a whole bag full and never worry about the number on the scale. It truly was a magical night and hopefully those extra pounds will magically disappear!

Happy Halloween!!!!!

These are this year's Halloween craft. They go along with the theme that we normally do so now the grandparents have a new candy bowl. I need to do some finishing touches but I think they came out pretty good. The hands will be spiders and the foot prints are ghost.

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