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Ashe Background

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


On Saturday I don't think anyone or anything could of ruined my day because my son was playing like a champ! I hate to sound rude or unsportsmanlike but after watching 4 year olds kick the ball out of bounds for the 60th time, any team goal is one that deserves jumping up and down lunatic behavior. Heck, I even cheer for the other team when they make a goal just because I am thrilled that we are actually playing. I don't know if it was the pancakes for breakfast or if he is just woke up on the right side of the bed, but Ethan was playing like he has never played before. After the game, Eric told Ethan that he could pick anything he wanted to do for the day. My imagination got away from me and I was already tasting the chocolate dipped ice cream cone because I know Ethan has his mother's sweet tooth. However, our kid is always full of surprises because he replied with, "I just want to go to Lowes and build something."
So on to Lowes we went.

On the video it is hard to tell where Ethan is because
both teams have on green but the one kicking the goal in is Ethan.

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