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Ashe Background

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Oh whatever!!

Yesterday Lexie and I made our way to the Developmental Clinic for a fun filled morning of doctors and therapist. Now this clinic is like one big appointment with a physical therapist, speech therapist, neonatologist, and a social worker. It normally last about 2 1/2 hours and the last time we saw these people was about 4 months ago. I understand that they do this clinic to save me time and worry about having to go to additional appointments on top of the ones we already go to. However, any mother knows that no kid can go through this long of an appointment without getting fussy. So the first specialist we see is the physical therapist and I was happy that we got her first because I wanted Lexie at her prime time that way she could demonstrate her best stuff. Well, I do have to say Lexie was showing off because she was pulling tricks out of her ' I didn't even know she could do' bag. She even started to army crawl on the exam table. I was amazed and know for sure she could totally crawl if she had more muscle tone in her arms. The therapist was very happy with Lexie's progress and gave me a few pointers on helping her use her hands to work on sitting and pushing herself forward on the carpet. Needless to say, Lexie wore herself out after that visit. Unfortunately, the neonatal doctor was next and it is he who rates her on what she can do and then through some inflexible guidelines he gives us the approximate age of developmental maturity. Well, Lexie wasn't having it. She didn't want to play with his therapy toys, be held by him..nothing! She was exhausted and was ready for her nap. He kept pushing her so I just finally told him that I could tell him what she is able to do and he could rate her that way. He gave me the most skeptical look like I was going to lie to him. I understand I may be her parent but I out of anyone is more concerned about where she stands too. I told him that and a few other things and he ended up just asking me instead. After his "examination" he rated her 4 months. I was like WHAT? WHY?. I know she is not anywhere near 9 months but I am sure 6 months is more like it. HE said that since she is not reaching for items above her head, she is only rolling from back to stomach, and not sitting completely by herself he felt 4 months was the accurate age. I told him that I didn't agree with him and really who cares what he thinks??? I live with her. Maybe I can teach Lexie to save her next diaper blowout till the next time we see him and only when he is holding her. Thankfully, I happen to know the social worker so she was like "Ugh, your fine." I guess they just want to make sure I am not losing it. I was actually looking forward to visiting with the speech therapist because lately Lexie has been having some trouble eating. She will take a bottle like a champ and will eat half of her meal but then halfway though it seems like she just forgets to open her mouth and push the food back with her tongue. So, we should be getting a visit from another speech therapist who can watch me feed her and give me any tips on what may help her. Thankfully, the speech therapist rated her at her corrected age which is 7 months so we at least ended the longest appointment of our lives on a good note! Overall though it was a big -Whatever!

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vance's mama said...

Thats so good to hear you make me laugh so hard if only you could teach them who to have blow outs on lol