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Ashe Background

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Before I bombard you with pictures, let me tell you how our weekend went. This weekend we meet up with my family for one big family vacation. We were treated to a wonderful vacation at Great Wolf Lodge, rode the Grapevine vintage railroad to the Stockades and even got in a visit with some really good friends of ours. It was a really busy four days but we came home with one exhausted family so I guess that means the kids had fun. I have a feeling this may be the last vacation of this magnitude for awhile so it was nice to enjoy seeing all the little ones together.
Thanks Mom and Dad...we appreciated it!!

One BIG family picture!!

Our family

Enjoying the kiddie pool

On the train

Isn't she cute!!

Now that is sibling LOVE!!

Gracie with Cousin Donivon

All the other cousins

This balloon guy was really sweet.
He even made sure that we didn't leave Lexie out of the picture.

Ice cream time

The wizard game at Great Wolf Lodge
(money pit in my opinion)

I stumbled upon Ethan and Gracie playing Air Hockey.
Even though they had their cousins around, they still enjoy playing together.

We meet up with the Bolin family and this is the best snapshot we could get.

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Lisa said...

Hello! I am sorry it took so long for me to get back to you about Elisabeth and her binky. To be honest with you, Elisabeth's trick of finding her binky and bringing it to her mouth is a miracle. It is a much higher skill (and coordination level) than anything else she can do.

We taught her to find it when she was something like 5 or 6 months old. At that point she could see nothing, so every time her binky fell out of her mouth we would take her hand, place it on the bink link, and show her how to pull to the end of the chain where the binky was.

Eventually she got it all on her own. And even though she has faced a lot of regression since she was 5 months old, that is the one skill she never lost.

Hooray :)

I hope that this helps you and that Lexie will soon be putting her own binky in too!