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Ashe Background

Monday, September 20, 2010

9 month Check-up

This past week we had two doctor visits. One with her Neurologist and one with the Ophthalmologist. Her Ophthalmologist is still very happy with Lexie's eyesight and is actually surprised by it. She explained, "I know this sounds bad but every time I look at Lexie I am expecting the worse. Like some kind of damage but it just looks great." So we were thrilled after that doctor visit despite the three hour wait!

Next was the Neurologist, Dr. Faux. From the very beginning Dr. Faux has been wonderful. He will tell it like it is but just has such a carefree; seen it all before kind of attitude. He has never been negative and I have enjoyed having him as her doctor. That day he did not disappoint. His EXACT words were, "I am just amazed by how well Lexie is doing." He said that with the amount of damage in her brain he had predicted that she would have been scissoring by now. Scissoring is when the arms and legs go stiff and kind of go inward. I replied with, "I owe it all to the Stem Cell Infusion." I know he will probably never 100% agree with me but he can't disagree with me either. Thankfully, Lexie's arms and legs are not stiff at all. We seem to be on the other side where there is low muscle tone. She will not put any weight on her arms. She's almost gotten independent sitting down but will not use her hands to tripod herself. She will just keep falling forward. She does have more tone in her legs but will only stand for a couple of seconds then just collapse into your arms. These things are currently on the therapy list that we do everyday.

Here are some picture of Lexie during bath time. I forgot to mention she weighed in at 18.5 lbs!!
Hard to believe that she was a preemie!


Jen said...

Hooray for good visits. I also believe that the stem cell infusion completely helped our little ones. I'm so glad Lexie is doing well, and she'll be up on those arms and crawling soon.

Brad Gibbs said...

Amy Hendrix told my wife and me about your blog, so I thought I would check it out. On Aug 3rd, we had the experience all of the hydro parents remember not so fondly, we were told by our doctor that our little girl, Claire, has hydrocephalus. Lexie's success give us much hope that Claire will do well, too. We have already spoken with Duke and we are planning to deliver there, have the shunt placed there, and do the cord blood infusion there within a few days of birth. Should be around Christmas or New Year's, too. The original due date is Jan. 23, 2011. Our blog is and my email is I'm Brad and my wife is Amy. We have really appreciated support and advice from those who have been there, so hopefully we can become friends and bug you with questions!

vance's mama said...

that is such great news!!! she is a darling little girl!!!