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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

It seems like Halloween just gets better and better the older they get. Ethan kept asking all day long if it was time to go trick or treat yet. Once we started getting them dressed, it was truly hard for him to contain his excitement. He helped put our bowl of candy out and kept saying he was going to get his candy by going to other peoples houses. This year Ethan was a Pirate and Gracie was Skunk (made with love by Grandma Teresa). They both looked adorable. Ethan wanted to be a pirate so bad that he was great at acting like one and even saying AARH! Gracie surprised us by leaving her hat alone but she of course looked cute in her costume including the striped tail. I covered our wagon with fake grass so she would look like a skunk sitting in the field. We had a great time walking around and Ethan loved seeing what other people were dressed up as. He especially liked a little girl in a butterfly costume, they started to walk hand and hand down the street. We didn't know them but it seemed like they knew each other. Of course, our trick or treating was a success because we came home with more candy than we could ever possibly need and Gracie was perfectly content in her costume and in the wagon. We had a great night and enjoy seeing our babies in their costumes. We hope everybody had a safe and happy Halloween.

Walk the Plank!

Ahoy Matey! (Captain Morgan)

Our Pirate and Skunk

How do I get this off my head

Let's GO!!

Little Stinker

Walking the neighborhood

A pirate with his treasure

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