Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mini Town

Yesterday we went to a Mini Town which happens to be an indoor/outdoor play center. They have a pretend grocery store, school, beauty shop, bank, disco, movie theater, arcade, and pretend kitchen/living room area. Gracie and Ethan had fun pretending and enjoyed hanging out with some of their friends. Ethan really liked the grocery store and arcade. He would whip that cart around like a pro and load up on groceries. Gracie liked the disco and play kitchen area. She was holding all of the babies and didn't want to share. She loves holding a purse in one arm and a baby in the other. I have to get a picture of her because she looks so mature when she is holding her purse. She really liked the disco but only when it wasn't very full. She was shaking her little booty and laughing up a storm.

Ethan trying to put out a fire

Ethan on the teeter toter

Gracie on the other side

Gracie in the phone booth

Ethan and Gracie having tea

Gracie playing

Ethan making me a sandwich

Ethan and Samantha on the teeter toter.

Ethan showing of his moves.


Sitting in the back row with Faith at the movie theater.
Notice the cute kid chairs.

Gracie playing at school

Dancing at the disco

Our little party girl.

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